BI.K.H. (VIKI) name is the Greek abbreviation for Epirus Meat Industry. 

Our story begins in 1973, when VIKI FARM pig unit facilities were built.

In 1974, with the scientific and technological assistance of scientists from Germany and Denmark, expanded and evolved into one of the largest meat production and processing plants in Greece.

Later, in the context of continuous growth, we expanded the market into the ready meals segment of pre-cooked-frozen.

With continuous development, VIKI expanded in the pre-cooked – frozen ready meals market.

Through this, the company was constantly gaining market share while making all necessary production expansions, in order to cover growing demand.


VIKI philosophy is expressed through the following three milestones:

• respect for the consumer

• respect for the associates

• respect for the environment

Respect for the consumer is evidenced by VIKI high quality products. Fresh pork meat, pure ingredients, proper processing, strict adherence to hygiene regulations, excellent warehousing and distribution, constant and strict quality checks, ensure that consumers receive high quality products.

Moreover, Research & Development department constantly produces new products,  in order to fulfil all consumer’s nutritional needs.

Respect for the associates is displayed through the systematic and constant endeavour to cover their needs. In order to accomplish this, 41 distribution centres were created throughout Greece, to ensure the unhindered and accurate supply of the entire Greek market.

Respect for the environment is practiced through the use of «environmentally friendly» packaging as well as the constant endeavour to reduce industrial waste. As a result, waste treatment units have been established in all of the Group’s industrial facilities. For the recycling of its packaging, the company participates in the Alternative Collective Management Packaging System of the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation (HERRCO). 


All VIKI facilities, have been constructed on privately owned property in a total area of 46.000 m² and include:

• a modern abattoir with a capacity of 120 animals per hour 

• a pork and beef boning unit 

• a state of the art production plant for cured and canned meats and pre-cooked meals 

• packaging and standardization facilities 

• warehousing – refrigeration areas for the optimum preservation of the products 

• quality control laboratories with state of the art equipment 

VI.K.I. facilities have a 60 ton capacity per 8-hour shift and operate based on the strictest European specifications in compliance with National and EU law and are approved and certified by the European Union with certification number ΙΜΡ 21.

 At the same time, in order to ensure the industrial area’s hygiene the factory has been fitted with modern cleaning and disinfection systems. Also the production areas have been equipped with anti-germ barrier zones. 


VIKI currently employs approximately 300 people.

Company’s staff is ideally recruited. Scientific and office staff as well as factory workers, are all well trained, as the company offers constant information and training programmes for its personnel. VIKI also encourages participation in seminars and training days since training is the milestone for the production of safe and hygienic products as well as for rendering excellent services. 

HR department’s goal during the recruitment process is to achieve the ideal combination between the candidates profile and the job description.

In order to achieve this, selection is done amongst existing personnel and new candidates. An evaluation approach is used in order to select the ideal employee for the available position in company’s departments.



VIKI has a perfectly organised supply chain, with a big fleet of refrigerated trucks, that ensures safe transportation, delivery of products in time and maintenance of cooling chain. 

Two large distribution centres in Athens and Salonika, with a highly experienced sales force and a network of exclusive - specialized collaborators throughout the rest of Greece and abroad, which guarantees excellent service in the market. 

VIKI distribution network has the flexibility to serve its customers either with deliveries to the central warehouses or by direct delivery to the point of sale.