Thesauri is one of the world’s precious few companies involved in sturgeon farming and caviar production and the only such enterprise in Greece.Throughout our 20 year history, our source of inspiration has been Ioannis Varvakis the pioneer behind the vacuum packing method which made the international distribution of caviar possible.

At Thesauri, following much testing and experimentation, we concluded that the sturgeon can easily adapt to the dynamic conditions found in Greece.
We’ve chosen the bay of Amvrakikos to build our ultra-modern facilities, ensuring the endless supply of crystal-clear, high-quality water which in turn makes for ideal breeding conditions.  In collaboration with Russian experts, thesauri haw managed to become a highly acclaimed pioneer in sturgeon harvesting and caviar production.
Following the introduction of sturgeon eggs from Astrahan 10 years ago, Thesauri’s products have been wisely recognized and sold everywhere around the globe, even in Russia, long considered as the world capital of caviar.
Thesauri was not a name chosen at random. It’s a name that fully describes our commitment to producing caviar that is amongst the best in the world, a real Greek thesaurus.


Laky company was founded in 1992, in order to meet the demanding public of PET FOODS, with a complete and balanced diet for pets.

The expertise, the 20 years of experience and the emphasis on high quality, are its greatest capital. At the same time, partnerships with the most specialized European research institutes and continuous research ensure the constant improvement of the existing products and the development of new ones.

Furthermore, the continuous research through partnerships with the most specialized European R&D centers ensure the constant improvement of the existing products and the development of new ones.

In its 20 years route, Laky has developed a wide range of products that meet the nutritional needs of pets in all life stages. Through its consistency and devotion, it has become the leader of the Greek market (Volume market share), with several proprietary brands (TOP Line, Prolife, Daily Care, Forte Nutrition, Cani menu, Meat Lovers, CroPet, etc.) and partnerships for the production of Private Label brands. Products are also exported internationally to countries such as Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey, Albania, Cyprus, Romania.

Laky company has privately owned facilities with headquarters and production plant in Arta, also privately owned facilities for the Athens and Thessalonica branches. An extensive sales network with nationwide coverage is always close to the customer and his needs and a private fleet of trucks guarantees best service.



Pets & People A.E. was founded in February 2006 by VI.K.I. S.A. to cover the category of super premium pet food, snacks and accessories.

Pets & People has nationwide coverage with its own separate sales network, warehousing and distribution, with sales in all market segments (accessories, snacks, etc.) to the specialized channel and Vets as it is the exclusive Greek distributor for the following companies: Iams -Eukanuba, Farmina, Agras Delic, Karlie, Mark & Chappell, Foldhill, Dafico, Cardinal.

Pets & People, is fully committed to dedication and respect to the needs of pets, pet owners, as well as all its associates.

Full dedication is equivalent to Pets & People’s commitment for:

High quality provided products and services 

Constant updating of partners on market trends

Full understanding of the special channel needs